EIN Errors

Have you recently attempted to get an EIN on your own and received an error message or Reference Number? If so, it`s important you understand this is a common issue and by no means should you feel isolated. We have several clients that use our service to help them resolve issues with getting an EIN (Tax ID) Number from the IRS.

In this section we will review the most common EIN Application Errors or Reference Numbers our clients encounter and what they mean.

IRS EIN Reference Number 101

IRS EIN Reference Number 101 means there is name conflict issue. For a Sole Proprietor applicant it could mean you already have an EIN on file with the IRS. For an LLC applicant it could mean that resembles your business name too closely.

IRS EIN Reference Number 109

IRS EIN Reference Number 109 means the EIN Online Assistant is experiencing technical difficulties. It could also mean you`ve accessed the EIN online Assistant outside the hours of operation or one of your entries doesn`t meet the eligibility requirement to obtain an EIN.

IRS EIN Reference Number 114

IRS EIN Reference Number 114 means the Responsible Party listed on the EIN Application has already received the maximum number of EINs allowed for the day. The IRS limits the number of EINs issued to a Responsible Party to one per day.

IRS EIN Reference Number 115

IRS EIN Reference Number 115 means the IRS system indicate the Responsible party listed on the EIN Application is showing to be deceased after running a date of death inquiry.

Our EIN specialists have a great deal of experience when it comes to assisting our clients with obtaining EINs that have resulted in any of these Reference Numbers. Our system is designed to streamline these problematic application types from start to finish. We provide the IRS everything they need to resolve these Reference Number errors and assign our clients EIN in the quickest manner possible.


As a Third Party Designee we will work on your behalf to obtain and deliver your Federal Tax ID / Employer ID Number (EIN) in as little as 60 minutes by email.

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